When producing, I draw upon my experience as a cellist and my knowledge of the inner workings of an orchestra, as well as my expertise in post-production of classical music records, so that I am able to guide artists throughout the process of recording for the best possible end product. As well as my experience as a producer with orchestras and chamber ensembles, I have worked with many notable actors on spoken word projects, including Hugh Bonneville, Gemma Whelan, Julian Ovenden and Scarlett Strallen.

As a Recording Engineer, I have worked on sessions with various orchestras within the UK for CD releases and recently for videos featured in The Strad Magazine and Dubai Expo 2020. Other projects I have engineered on have also been recognised in the Official Charts (Specialist Classical - ESO/Brahms Piano Quartet No.2).

In my experience of editing recordings of many fine orchestras from around the world, I find that it is crucial to work to emphasise the ideas and interpretations of an artist or orchestra in order to translate them effectively to a digital recording. I achieve this with a deep knowledge of repertoire, acute attention to detail, combined with fully utilising state of the art spectral editing software in order to maximise the potential of the source material.