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I believe that the key to compelling video for music is simple: show the viewer what they’re listening to, and convey the narrative of the music through compelling cinematography. This is integral to both live and non-live video production.

When shooting any non-live project, I draw on my experience as a record editor and my knowledge of recording sessions. I will plan shots and camera movement according to when I anticipate the best parts of any take in a session will happen, and place myself in the right place at the right time to capture that moment. Shooting in an unobtrusive manner and using this method is crucial in order to allow artists the space for them to give their best performance on camera.

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Recent filming projects include English Symphony Orchestra’s digital concert platform “ESO Digital’. Since July 2020 I have filmed and edited ‘concert dress recording sessions’ into long form performance videos for the Orchestra’s ever growing catalogue of digital concerts.  I shoot on Z Cam E2 cinema cameras, which have been the camera choice for TV and Film productions such as Top Gear and the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7, as well as many feature films in China. Although not a widely used camera, they render a beautiful and unique image.